• The Cost of Living

The Author


M.L. Pressman was born and raised on Long Island before packing up for the West coast to venture into screenplay and teleplay writing, scripting many programs produced for cable. Returning to the East Coast, settling in Westchester, New York to start a family, the change in scenery led to the decision to try something novel. That novel is “The Cost of Living.”

The Story

Spanning the course of 30 years,a mother-and-daughter relationship is put to the test due to the mother’s eccentric, compulsive hoarding habits. Beginning in the 1980s,The Cost of Living follows Caroline Kurchowski as she grows from an 8-year old girl into adulthood with her single mom. Jean Kurchowski lives by the motto “If it’s free, it’s for me” – which explains the mile-high pile of wood chips in thedriveway, the cramped basement filled with giveaway samples, therefrigerator with tupperware-filledscience experiments, the boxes of garage-sale bought holiday presents, and the jalopy that will only come to a stop by crashing.

The Cost of Living is filled with humor and sadness as Caroline’s experiences lead to resentment, understanding, and appreciation for her mother, all at the same time.


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